LaBoracay 2018: Schedule of Events and Tips

Labor Day weekend is getting near! Okay it’s still a few months away but as early as now, party organizers and party goers are already excited and planning their activities for this annual event. LaBoracay, dubbed as the “Philippines’ Spring Break” is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) beach events in the country. Tourists, both local and international, come together for crazy beach parties with overflowing booze and loud music.

There is no requirement or anything for someone to experience this famous beach party. Everyone is welcome to LaBoracay! Mark your calendars! The event happens in April 28 to May 01.

Schedule of Events

(We will be updating this post for the event schedule.)

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Hannah Hotel
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Boracay Backpackers
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Shorebreak Boracay Resort
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La Bella Casa Boracay Hotel
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The Sitio Boracay Villas & Suites
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8Colors Beach House
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Nirvana Beach Resort
8.1/10 Rating (86% of 317 reviews)

Azzurro Di Boracay
7.1/10 Rating (85% of 86 reviews)

Lolas Lodge
7.8/10 Rating (82% of 303 reviews)

M.N. Boracay Lodge Inn
7.4/10 Rating (49 reviews)
Greenyard Inn
8.6/10 Rating (92% of 192 reviews)

Turtle Inn Resort
8.0/10 Rating (93% of 515 reviews)

Island Jewel Inn
8.2/10 Rating (100% of 90 reviews)

Sulu Plaza
7.7/10 Rating (84% of 210 reviews)

Bamboo Beach Resort
7.4/Rating (82% of 964 reviews)


While the main goal is to party hard, there are some things you need to bear in mind.

  • Dispose your trash properly. Avoid throwing your garbage anywhere (even as small as your cigarette butt) for it will surely end up in the sea. If you want to enjoy LaBoracay every year throughout your lifetime, be responsible in disposing your garbage and do whatever you can to protect the sea and the marine life in it. Apart from partying at night, you may also want to join beach clean-up activities to complete your LaBoracay experience.
  • You may want to avoid these dates if you are planning your Boracay wedding. This is one of the busiest times of the year in Boracay and it can get stressful for an already busy (if not stressed) bride and groom. There would be long queus in the terminal, restaurants are jam-packed and people are everywhere that it is just so impossible to get a decent pic without “uninvited guests”. This situation is especially common in Station 2. Additionally, local suppliers particularly photographers and videographers may not be available or may charge more at these dates so this is something you may want to think about. However, if your wedding date is non-negotiable, then better book everything ahead of time to ensure that you get the supplier and hotel or resort of your choice.
  • To save on hotels, book early. As early as the first week of February, almost 50% of the hotel rooms are already booked. By the time April comes, there will be limited options for you and the available rooms left are usually expensive or far from the beach.
  • To save on foods, book an accommodation with kitchen that allows you to cook your own food (that is if you are not too tired from partying the night before). You can buy fresh fish, vegetables and other ingredients in the wet market and cook at your hotel. You may also want to try the “paluto” in Talipapa. This is where you buy fresh fish and have it cooked at a nearby kiosk for a fee.

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