Beaches in Boracay Other than the White Beach

When we say Boracay, it is almost synonymous to the White Beach, the 4-kilometer beach popular for its powdery white sand and crystal clear water. The beach, which is divided into three stations, is lined wtih hotels, resorts, restaurants, souvenir shops and other business establishments. Everyday, hundreds of tourists flock this area because this is where the action takes place.

White Beach Boracay (Photo Credit: Michael Sabido)

However, if you are looking for a quieter and less crowded area (especially for your prenup shoots) with the beach as beautiful as the White Beach, here are the other beaches you may want to visit on your next trip to Boracay.

Puka Beach

The Puka Beach is the second most popular beach in the island of Boracay. The 800-meter long beach is in the northern portion of Boracay and is 20 minutes ride away from the center. The most common mode of transportation to get to Puka Beach is tricycle but guests can also get there through motorcycle, vans and private boat. Puka Beach is also one of the destinations of island hopping trips but the duration your of stay there is limited since you will need to move to the next destination.

The beach got its name from puka shells which used to line the beach, the reason why the sand here is not as fine than that of White Beach.

Restaurants, souvenir shops, massage and water sports activities are available in the area so there is nothing to worry about getting hungry or bored even if staying here for a day or half.

Entrance to Puka Beach is free but you may need to shell out a small amount should you decide to use the beach bed under the beach umbrella. The fee usually comes with a drink or fruit shake too.

Tip: If you want a romantic sunset setting for your prenup shoot, you will never regret choosing Puka Beach.

Ilig-iligan Beach

Like Puka Beach, Ilig-iligan Beach is around 20-minute tricycle ride from the center. It is located at the North-east portion of the island and is a bit secluded so there are only a number of small restaurants and bars there. But if you are aiming for a less crowded and more peaceful place, with water as crystal clear (if not clearer) as the White Beach, Ilig-iligan Beach is the way to go. This beach is perfect for snorkelling and diving for its flourishing marine life.

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is famous for water sports activities including kite and windsurfing, banana boat ride, flying fish ride and parasailing. It is on the opposite east-side of the island and is just five to 10 minutes walk from White Beach.

The beach has only few restaurants and bars, and is not even ideal for swimming because of the sewage pipes and trash, so if you do not intend to do some water sports activities, there is really nothing here for you.

Balinghai Beach

Balinghai Beach is on the northwestern part of the island, between Diniwid Beach and Punta Bunga Beach. The beach is a perfect background for your photo shoots since it is secluded and is now privately-owned so it is no longer accessible by anyone. To get to the beach, one must take a 15-20 minute tricycle ride and hurdle over 150 steps to reach Balinghai Resort, the gateway to this hidden gem. To avoid the hassle of riding the tricycle and going through the 150 steps, guests can also rent a small boat to get to the beach.

The sand texture here is coarser and the shore is mostly lined with rocks and boulders.

Diniwid Beach

Diniwid Beach is located on the north-western part of the island of Boracay. It is a 20 to 30-minute walk or 5-minute tricycle ride from D’Mall. The beach boasts of its peacefulness since it is less crowded considering that the only tourists are the people who booked a room from the few hotels here.

Tip: Diniwid Beach is separated from the White Beach by a large cliff with a small hole in which people can pass through.

Tambisan Beach

Tambisan Beach is known for snorkeling because of its large marine life. There is less restaurant or resort as well as diving paraphernalia for rent in the area so be prepared.

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